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What Goes in a Memory Doodle?

I get asked this a lot so I thought I’d give you a brief summary. The answer is anything!

Anything can go in a memory doodle. After all, some of our funniest memories are the most random. There’s no right or wrong, it’s something that means something to you and is unique. So, whether it’s of a London toilet tour (yes really, that's a thing), a crabbing experience gone wrong (poor crab but happy seagull) or playing in a charity netball tournament, take a relaxing stroll down memory lane to remember those funny / sentimental / sad but poignant, moments in this funny thing we call life.

It's of course a mixture of these moments that make up a memory doodle, a range of emotions captured on one piece of paper. For me, I just love being a part of making a sentimental, personalised drawing for you. Starting with the research, making a plan of where the doodles will go, then hand drawing each of them and taking time to use watercolour pencils and paints to colour it in. Whilst I love digital art, I do love the back to basics of just pencils, paints and paper. I find that switching off from a screen is good for the soul. Then once the doodle is complete and hanging in its home, I'm often told that each time you look at it, you spot something new. And that's what gives it its extra sparkle.

If you'd like to find out more about getting your own personalised, bespoke memory doodle, drop me a message :-)




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