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Colourful stripes image by Markus Spiske

Bespoke, Hand-Drawn Memory Doodles

The perfect gift for any occasion

House Doodle

NEW! For 2024

House & Building Doodles

Capture your special place! This could be from your childhood home, if you're moving house and want to keep a memento or perhaps even your wedding venue. The possibilities are endless!



Customer Commissions

Each design is a journey to ensure your cherished memories are captured forever. From the initial consultation and research to the final drawing, all doodles are hand-drawn, bespoke and 100% unique to you.

Colouring Pencils


Me and my doodles

Hi, I'm Nicola and I have a passion for doodling!

I started creating memory doodles a few years ago to capture special memories in a fun way - my first memory doodle was for my husband and I and its grown from there.


I now create doodles for other people and I love capturing everyone’s special memories, even the random ones! I work with vivid watercolour paints on a contrasting white background to make it really pop.

If you would like to commission a memory doodle, please use the button below to contact me to discuss it further.


Nicola's doodles are a beautiful way to capture those special moments in life. Nicola created a personalised doodle for my two little girls. I love how they picturize their favourite toys, places, things, and songs. We will treasure them always!


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